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Our Favorite Challenges

Need some inspiration for the Challenge Challenge? Look no further than these creative games! Remember to have fun and think outside the box!


#1 – Mystery Wheel Challenge

Infinitely adaptable, the mystery wheel challenge is a fun and versatile way to play. The wheel can hold anything from slime ingredients to toppings for an outrageous ice cream sundae. It’s a great example of using random chance to make a creative video!


#2 – Twin Telepathy Challenge

Super fun for best friends, siblings, or even actual twins, the Twin Telepathy Challenge is a great format for learning about personalities. Try to come up with variants of other classic gameshow games for a new take on a personality quiz.


#3 – Not My Hands Challenge

A great game for communication and teamwork this challenge always guarantees laughs from everybody involved. It’s a unique take on a more active video style. Use it as inspiration for getting physical and having fun. 


#4 – 100 Layer Challenge

This challenge is a fantastic example of getting extreme! People have done everything from 100 layers of lasagna to t-shirts to nail polish. Grab whatever you have around the house and get resourceful to do something out of the box and outrageous.


#5 – Speech Jammer Challenge

The takeaway from this one is obvious: use an unusual tool to do something ordinary. Think of chores or activities you do on the daily, and then see if you can throw a wrench into your plan and make it more complicated.


That’s it! Get inspired and make your own challenge! Need a refresher on the rules? Check it out by clicking HERE.




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