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The CHALLENGE Challenge!

Check out our newest challenge!

Ready for another? We’re excited to announce our third challenge! Here’s the low down:


+The theme of the challenge is…CHALLENGE! Your task is to invent your own challenge (or tag) and make a video where you are the first ever participant. The challenge can be anything you want! Anything from the “say every third word backwards challenge” to the “name-that-song challenge” is fair game, so get creative! (Just remember to stay within YouTube’s Community Guidelines)


+Post your challenge video to YouTube by March 14 and include the hashtag #KidfluencerChallenge in your title. Be sure to give a shout out to Kidfluencers in the video!


+Post about your video on Instagram, tag @kidfluencers and include the hashtag #KidfluencerChallenge. Let’s see how many channels you can get to do your challenge!


+Send us your video file so we can post it on batteryPOP.com


We’ll share and promote all participants, including paid boosts on YouTube! And who knows – you could be the inventor of the next viral phenomenon!

Looking for inspiration? Check out some of our favorite challenges HERE!

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