Do you enjoy being on camera?

Do you love playing Minecraft, opening the latest toys, reviewing the latest kids movies, TV shows, web series and apps, sharing your crafting and cooking skills, or just talking about all things kids in general? Then you might be a future kid influencer…a KIDFLUENCER®! Some Kidfluencers® may be eligible to take part in branded campaigns, video distribution and advertising.

**THIS IS A TWO STEP PROCESS** If you would like to be considered for the Kidfluencer® program, please submit a link to a YouTube video starring YOU. An email will go to your parent/guardian to approve your submission. WE CAN’T REACH OUT UNTIL WE RECEIVE A RESPONSE TO THIS EMAIL. 

This is not a contest and this site is not COPPA compliant, so please ASK A PARENT OR GUARDIAN before you share any information about yourself.


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