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5 Fundamental Rules for Starting A YouTube Channel

So you’ve started posting videos to your YouTube channel and are ready to take it to the next level. Here are 5 rules to help you start looking like a YouTube professional.


Keep Your Brand Strong

Do you have a channel name? What about a logo? Of course you do! But do you have those usernames on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook? Keeping your name and profile image consistent across platforms helps build name recognition among your audience. It also makes you more searchable and easy to find if fans are coming from one platform to another.


Stick To A Schedule

It can be tempting to upload whenever you want, but by sticking to a regular posting schedule, you’re doing a few important things. First, you’re giving viewers a consistent time to check in for new content. Second, you’re helping the YouTube algorithm surface your videos (it likes consistency!). Third, and most important, by deciding on a schedule you’re making a commitment to your channel!


Links Links Links

There’s plenty of valuable real estate on your YouTube page, and a smart way to use it is to link to your other videos and social channels. You can pack your description with links to playlists and other accounts that make it easy for viewers to keep watching. You can also add several links to the top of your YouTube banner that let people navigate to your other social channels to help grow followers there.



Playlists are the perfect way to help guide viewers towards the content that you want them to see. You can curate your videos into collections that work as launching points for viewers. Try creating a playlist of some of your top performing videos, one that’s full of your favorites, or ones that are sorted by type (unboxing, skits, challenges). By presenting these starting points, you’re giving visitors to your channel an easier decision to make


Film a channel trailer

A channel trailer is the first thing a potential subscriber sees when they come to your page. Film a short (45-90 second) video that lets them know what your channel is all about. Try starting with a cheerful greeting, cutting in some clips of your favorite videos, and don’t forget to direct them to that subscribe button!

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